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TOP 10 FAQ’S (and answers!)

TOP 10 FAQ’S (and answers!)

How do I verify my phone number?

Phone number must be interred properly otherwise it won’t be verified

To do so first type “+” for international, then your Country code (“1” for USA), then your (ten) digits.

Ex: +13473950485

Land lines can’t be verified. You must input a cell phone number.

You’re good to get verified

How can I change my phone number on my profile?

Once you have entered your phone number, it’s there for good! No, just kidding.

Send a message through the chat or by email to including the new number you want to enter and we shall take care of it.

Of course, your new number will have to be verified.

How do I reply to a message I received from another member?

Go to your profile, you will find all your messages there

Are Sellers verified?

Sellers phone numbers and email addresses are verified, like buyers.

Featured ads sellers are even more verified

Sellers with an orange badge on their profile are even even more verified!

Ads are never published without being reviewed by a debt collection professional.

One out of three is actually being published.

But we do not have access to sellers documents as we are no third party at deals

How can I access Seller’s profile?

On the left end side of each ad you may click on the seller’s icon. This will take you to his profile

How can I tell a seller is more legit than another?

Check the seller’s profile

From there:

  • Check if the seller is approved or not
  • Check if his ad(s) has a “safe seller” tag which you can clic on (that will take you to a list of “safe sellers”
  • Check his rating and comments from buyers who rated him
  • Check if he posted one or several ads

How to reassign debts?

This is a question you should ask seller BEFORE buying from him.

Some of them even offer information, education, services about this.

I want to purchase a plan but I don’t have any Paypal account!

You don’t need a Paypal account to get one of our plans. All major debit/credit cards will go through the Paypal gateway.

How do I unsubscribe from email alerts?

These emails alert all users when a new ad is being published so that you get fresh leads but if you do not wish to receive them, please send a message through the chat or by email to

How not getting scammed?

USE OUR EMBEDED SAFE ESCROW PAYMENT SYSTEM TRANSPACT.COM that provides secure payment/delivery for both parties and that allows chargeback if something goes wrong.

Never use Zelle or Cashapp.

Never close a deal without a written agreement that demonstrates the reality of the transaction

Do proper due diligence asking for as much documentation and proofs as possible


Escrow transaction process

Seller and Purchaser agree to make and receive payment for the transaction through escrow provider – the payment will be secured for both parties according to the escrow conditions set there.

Seller and Purchaser shall follow the proposed steps:

• Purchaser shall pay the Purchase Price to by bank wire transfer. Purchaser does not know at this point complete details of the Portfolio/Single Debt and will only learn them when Seller discloses all documentation.

• shall inform Seller after receiving payment from Purchaser

• Seller shall disclose all documentation related to the purchased Portfolio/Single Debt within 48 hours after having been informed by Seller shall at this point provide full and complete details, schedule and specification of the Portfolio/Single Debt

• Purchaser shall be allowed to review documents during 48 hours after receipt of documentation.

Purchaser can reject the sale after viewing the full debt specification without any reason

• If Purchaser opens no claim, dispute, litigation, nor rejects the sale within such 48 hours, the sale shall be confirmed.

• If Purchaser opens a claim, dispute, litigation or rejects the sale during this 48 hours timeframe, sale shall be cancelled and Purchaser shall be refunded by

• No claim, dispute, litigation shall be received nor accepted after these 48 hours.

• Transfer of ownership of the debt shall be signed 48 hours after the sale is confirmed. Seller shall exclusively sign the downloadable Assignment and Bill of Sale template linked below and shall sell, assign and transfer to Purchaser, its successors and shall assign, all of Seller’s rights, title, and interest in each and every one of the Accounts.

• If Seller transfers ownership to Purchaser within that 48 hour period then Seller shall be paid by, if not Purchaser shall be refunded by

Important Rules

You must follow these rules if you wish to use our escrow service.

The escrow option is not mandatory, is not free of charge, but is the safest way for both parties.

  1. You must only register a bank account in your exact name.
    If you are a person, the bank account must be in your name (not a relative’s).
    If you are a company, the bank account must be in the exact company name. Likewise, for any other entity.
  2. You cannot make payment on behalf of another party.
    We strictly forbid third party payments and third party transactions.
  3. You cannot receive payment on behalf of another party.
    We strictly forbid third party payments and third party transactions.
  4. Payments to us must only be from your registered bank account, and made directly to our bank account.
    The payment cannot travel via any other party. Likewise, payments we make to you will only be made directly to your registered bank account.
  5. The underlying transaction must be fully on your behalf – we will not accept a transaction where you are acting (even partly) for another party.
    You cannot act as a nominee or an agent or on behalf of another in the transaction underlying your payment – the transaction must be fully on your behalf. will provide you with a unique payment reference for every payment you have to make. Every payment reference will be different, even within the same transaction. You must quote this payment reference exactly with the payment.


US Dollar transactions are charged at $9.99 per party for transactions up to $1,000, with a fee of $15 subtracted from any payment made (only for USD transactions) plus a 2% commission on transaction

What is the meaning of “escrow”?

A financial and legal agreement known as an escrow serves as protection for both buyers and sellers throughout a transaction. An impartial third party withholds payment for a fee until all obligations in the transaction have been met.

When doing transactions online with someone they don’t know, people employ escrow services. By providing equal protection to Buyers and Sellers, eliminates any risk associated with transacting business with unidentified parties.

With an escrow payment, the Seller won’t get the cash until the buyer has obtained and approved the goods and/or services they agreed to together. The fact that is legally safeguarding the payment for them, however, assures the Seller that they will be paid.