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The place to sell and buy debts

Switch write off to pure profit


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Uncollected receivables? Sell them!


of all invoices remain unpaid worldwide


$ Billions shortfall in United States, $Bn60 in Germany, $Bn45 in France


of export unpaid receivables are charged off after 1 year overdue

Convert old valueless paper into pure profit !

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Classified ads x2 in the last 12 months


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No commission nor fee on deals:

Fix full access plan for buyers and registration plan for sellers

100% confidential:

No need to upload any document or disclose your identity

Global scope:

Facilitates domestic and cross-border debt purchasing

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write a Single debt

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Your ad debt is published

4. Your ad is published

and public

Get ready to answer

5. Get ready to answer

buyers’ queries and offers!
(All payments between sellers and buyers are made outside the Debtcatcher platform.)

Publishing an ad without answering buyers’ queries shall result in ad removal and seller’s account deletion (anti ghost seller and scam policy).

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Pay only for ad details and sellers contact

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Discussion and negociations

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with sellers

Close the debt

6. Make your best offer and close deal

(All payements between sellers and buyers are made outside the Debtcatcher platform.)

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They trust us


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