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Who is behind ?

An innovative marketplace to get cash with no risk:

You own valueless uncollected receivables? Just securely sell them on the platform.

Looking for debts to purchase? Get instant access to fresh leads. Single debts or portfolios, business debts or individuals, credit card debts, healthcare debts, loans, zombie debts,etc.

A platform-based company that helps turn uncollected receivables you don’t even think of leveraging into easy cash.

It facilitates connections between debt sellers (business owners/ CEOs/CFOs) and debt buyers, across the world, across sectors and business types

DebtCatcher relies on the fact that billions are lost per year in charge off debts…$bn 640 in the US only


1 - Invoicing process cleaning

2 - Dispute management

3 - DSO management

4 - Debt brokerage

DebtCatcher marketplace is an enabler of this tactic unexploited cash management process.

Did you know you can wake up and sell old debts?

DebtCatcher marketplace platform is your easy and secure solution for:


CHARGE OFF DEBTS From previous years

Preferably not older than Statute of Limitations (check “statute of limitations” in our blog section)


UNRECEIVABLES Should be on top of your list.

Sellers and Buyers are brought together via the platform

You are debt SELLERS:

We put you in contact with debt BUYERS. You are selling debts by putting them with no risk on the DebtCatcher platform. These would have been otherwise forgotten and “lost”, especially if already charged off.

  1. For each debt or debt portolio, you create an ad.
  2. Buyers approach you based on your ad’s profile and rating.
  3. You then directly negotiate with them, independently from the platform


What are your benefits as a seller?

Smart & facilitated additional cash: Based on unexploited old debts, or export debts that are a nightmare to collect

100% security

No transaction on the platform. Debtcatcher is not involved in your negotiation with buyers

Low access fee

Nothing to loose, maybe a lot to gain

Register and post ad(s)

Register on fully secure website, and post as many ads as you wish, portfolios or single debt ads.


Direct Negotiation

If a buyer is interested by your ad, you are put in direct contact through the platform

Cash & Profit

This leads to potential exceptional cash & profit with only direct money transaction, nothing through the platform

A platform based on 30 years experience.

Eric Ermantier

CEO, DebtCatcher

Excellence in credit management and financial services consultancy

Track record as recognized expert with systematically above average success performance as founder and owner of EDRIC Consulting for 20 years, and currently of 613 Consulting, a US-France consultancy company covering a broad array of financial services including cross-border debt collection B2B and B2C, on-site missions to structure cash management organizationally, and global contractual clauses services. Active network throughout 100 countries. Experience in all sectors and in particular in the oil and gas , the retail, the entertainment and the healthcare industries; experienced with African transactions (shareholder in Mali Creances).

 Outstanding track record in credit management training:

Certified professional trainer for the French Credit Managers Association (AFDCC).

Teaching International Credit Management in University Master’s Degree (IAE Rennes)

Author of a book leveraging intelligent Cash Management, 2014 (CashBooster)

Featured in several business press articles