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Here is the place for you to get answers about how to sell and buy debts on We tried to be as comprehensive as possible, but feel free to contact us if needed.


How do I list a single debt or a portfolio?

It is very easy! Once you have registered, just go to the «sell a debt» page, select «single debt» or «portfolio» and follow the simple process.

Debtor’s country

This is not your country! This is the country where the debtor who owes the debt is located. If you sell a portfolio with debtors located in various countries, please tick «various countries» and indicate these countries in the «free field» of your classified.

Debt amount

This is the total amount of the debt listed for sale, it’s face value. If there is one invoice, it is the amount of the invoice. If there are several invoices (with the same debtor) it is the total amount of these invoices. Portfolio’s amount is the total amount of the whole portfolio.

Debt’s ageing

If there is one invoice, it is the due date on the invoice. If there are several invoices or if it is a portfolio, it is the due date on the oldest invoice.

Type of debt

B to B: Both owner of the debt and debtor are businesses (even small businesses)
B to C: Owner of the debt is a business and debtor is an individual
C to C: Both owner of the debt and debtor are individuals

Write off

A «write off debt» is not considered as an asset anymore. It has been eliminated from the books of account. Wether the owner of the debt has tried to collect it or not.


If «Yes», this means steps have been taken in order to collect the debt, went legal and obtained a judgment that condamns the debtor to pay. It is the official decision of a court at the completion of a lawsuit.

Selling price

«Fixed price» means the seller expects to sell at a price that he self evaluated. Although negotiations might take place between seller and buyer(s). «Best offer» means the seller is opened to any auction and there is no reserve price.

Looking for

Sellers obviously may look for buyers, but they also can show interest in debt collection services, credit reports, skip tracing, etc.

Fully documented

«Yes» means that all the documents needed to prove the existence of the debt are available. Such documents are but not limited to:

– Invoices
– Contracts
– Orders
– Proofs of delivery
– Dunning letters, emails, faxes, etc.
– Statement of accounts

As doesn’t ask for these documents to be uploaded at any time, the deals between sellers and buyers being set up directly between them, buyers will put extra care when reviewing these elements of proofs. Sellers must cautiously tick the right box when listing debts and do not pretend that a debt is fully documented when it is only partially, or even not at all.


This is when, at the time of the enlisting, it is already known that the debtor, business or individual, is no longer in business or is in personal bankruptcy.


A disputed debt is when the debtor claims that he does not owe any or part of the amount of the debt, and when he can prove that there is a serious reason for this.

Is the website secure?

At we take every measure possible to keep your data private and secure. Plus:

– You are never asked to upload any document
– You may preservethe privacy of your identity
– Transactions are concluded outside the site, directly between sellers and buyers
– Buyers fees are made through Paypal and no information is kept on the site


How do I register as a Seller?

Just go to the «register» page, select «seller» and register. Fields with red stars are mandatory.

Do I need a business or merchant account to sell debts?


As a seller, am I allowed to get in contact with buyers outside

YES! This is exactly what this website is all about. Our objective is to stimulate transactions.

As a seller, ticking all the boxes in the listing form will enable to look for the matches with buyers who are looking for the types of debts you are selling. Contact can then start through the site but you are absolutely free to initiate or accept any direct contact with any other party at any time.

All negotiations, documents disclosures, deals, are taking place outside the site. This is why the «free field» of the listings is the most important: As there is no limitation of what you can write in this field, you may decide to keep your privacy until you find the best potential buyer. Or take the other option of disclosing your private email and/or phone number, your company’s name, etc. in order to be contacted more easily.

Is there a fee for sellers to list a debt?

No, free registration and free listing.


How do I register as a buyer?

The process is the same as for a seller. Just select «buyer» instead.

How do buyers pay sellers?

Sellers usually give buyers a few payment methods. Judgment Marketplace recommends buying and selling judgments with Both Buyer and seller must set up an account with that is linked into Judgment Marketplace so that payments are properly processed.

Is there a fee for buyers?

Yes. Buyers pay a fee to get access to the details of the listed debts and portfolios, and to contact the sellers. It is a pay per view fee. Buyers can select the same criterias as the sellers do and the site finds out the best matches between debts for sale and what buyers are looking for.

Buyers have a free access to the matching listing and pay a fee to be able to view the full details of each offer and to be allowed to contact the sellers. Buyers can pay for one access and/or pay for a bundle.

There are two types of fees:

– Single debt access fee
– Portfolio access fee

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